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Established in 1982 as the Graphical Software Company to provide computer graphics products and services to the engineering and medical imaging industries. The firm expanded into the development of Laboratory Information Management Systems. biotechnology products, GPS (Global Positioning System) products, automated manufacturing, and forensic DNA systems. Gradually moved into facility design and construction management and reorganized as GSC Engineering Inc. in 2007.

Decades of experience had shown that often the hardest part of building large systems and complex products was integrating the parts, and often the worst problems were those that fell into the cracks between disciplines. GSC now specializes in solving these problems: "orphan problems"


Multi-Disciplinary, Jack-of-All-Trades, Interdisciplinary

Traditionally many engineers, and engineering firms, are highly-specialized (an inch wide and a mile deep) but in complex projects many problems don't fall into one of those inch-wide strips and engineers can miss problems outside their strip.

Large MULTI-DISCIPLINARY firms can bring in expertise from a number of strips, but spread across multiple people so things can still be missed (even without the traditional problems of "committee based" design).

The JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES has dipped a toe, or a foot, into many industries, but hasn't developed a deep understanding of the technical issues nor the interactions between disciplines. This often happens when attempting to "computerize" a process or machine.

The INTERDISCIPLINARY specialist is the INDIVIDUAL with substantial expertise in multiple disciplines, who has seen many problems fall into the cracks between disciplines, knows how to spot them, and knows how to fix them. This expertise and experience requires decades to develop.

Flyer describing Interdisciplinary Troubleshooting (PDF)



GSC's founder and principal, Thomas J. Vaughan Jr., P.E. comes from a background of commercial and industrial construction, giving him years of experience with structural design and intimate knowledge of building controls, manufacturing plant automation, scientific computation, and also advanced computer-based systems: CAD, CAE, Graphics, Finite-element design, and GIS.
Subsequently he moved into high-tech product development: computers and printers, nuclear medicine imaging (Gamma-11) spreadsheet software (DECcalc), automated test.
Then developed a business to develop and market LIMS software and provide consulting to pharmaceutical an biotech companies.
Later obtained a license to (P.E.) to practice "professional engineering" in critical industries and began moving the practice back towards his infrastructure beginnings.
Realizing that most of his career had been involved in troubleshooting, or starting new products, or leading a company's first efforts in a new area, he recognized the need for a new engineering discipline to solve the orphan problem that fall into the cracks between traditional disciplines.

Professional Credentials

  • License Professional Engineer (P.E.) -
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • President of the Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers
  • IEEE/CS Certified Software Development Professional
  • IEEE Senior Member
  • Member, Order of the Engineer


  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • American Institute of Steel Construction
  • Structural Engineers Association of Massachusetts
  • International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers

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