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Professional Reference Links

Organizations and websites that GSC engineers have found useful in conducting their work.
Not intended to be a general or comprehensive list.

Professional Societies
Misc. References
Misc. Vendors

Professional Societies


National Society of Professional Engineers   Professional society that supports licensed Professional Engineers and EIT's in all disciplines.

Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers.   The local state organization of NSPE. Supports licensed Professional Engineers and EIT's in all disciplines in Massachusetts.

American Society of Civil Engineers.   Professional Society for Civil and Structural engineers. Develops standards for all types of construction.

Boston Society of Civil Engineers (BSCES) Section.   The Boston Society of Civil Engineers became the local chapter of ASCE.

Structural Engineers Association of Massachusetts (SEAMass).   Local society for furthering and enhancing the practice of structural engineering. Organizes meetings, design seminars, and tours.

International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.   The worlds largest not-for profit society serving pharmaceutical science and manufacturing professionals. Its mission is "Engineering Pharmaceutical Innovation". Develops standards, guidelines and manuals.
   Boston Area Chapter
   New England Chapter (see main website)

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is one of the oldest and largest professional societies in the world.
   Boston Section office
   Boston Consultants Network
   Boston Entrepreneurs Network
   New Hampshire Consultants Network
   Worcester County Section
Many of the local (Boston) chapters host monthly meetings on various topics. The Boston Section offers training courses and hosts the annual Technologies for Homeland Security conference, among others.

National Fire Protection Association (Quincy, MA)   Develops codes and standards for fire protection. Develops training materials for engineers, contractors, building officials, and fire service personnel. Among its hundreds of publications, NFPA develops the Life Safety Code (which defines exit requirements) and the National Electric Code (NEC). The NFPA handbooks on its various codes are not just "commentary" on the codes but are comprehensive illustrated textbooks on applying the code provisions.

Medical Development Group. Boston-based society focused is on people designing or using implanted medical devices or instrumentation or related items. Has monthly networking meetings and monthly Forum (presentation) meetings.

Independant Computer Consultants Association. represents consulting firms specializing in IT (individuals to mid-size firms). Member firms comply with a Code of Ethics. Provides standard form contracts to members.
  National Office
  Greater Boston Chapter
The ICCA went out of business on 31-DEC-2009 after 33 years.

Society of Professional Consultants. Boston-based society for consultants in many fields (high-tech, management, and other). Hosts monthly meetings on various topics.

Institute of Management Consultants. The premier organization for management consultants.
   National Office
   New England Chapter

Society for Information Management (SIM).   Oriented toward "IT Managers" (vs. computer developers or engineers). The Boston Chapter of SIM ( - then browse to the Boston Chapter ) has monthly luncheon meetings in rotating locations.

Engineering Licensure

NCEES.   The National Council of Engineering Examination Services (NCEES) develops the engineering licensing exams. The members of NCEES are the state licensing and regulatory agencies. The website has much information and many links related to licensing and is a great place to start when researching the requirements to become licensed. The sample exams that can be purchased from NCEES are probably the nearest approximation to an actual exam available.

The Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors   is the government agency that regulates the practice of engineering and surveying in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The website provides information on licensing requirements and regulations. This website is also the place to check a license.

Professional Credential Services (PCS).   Private organization based in Nashville, TN used by many jurisdictions (incl. Massachusetts) to process license applications. This is the place to get the application forms and is where the completed forms are sent. Includes links to many licensing boards

Professional Publications Inc.   Develops training materials for preparing for the licensing exams. Personal experience (2003) was that the PPI Reference Manual was probably the handiest and most useful reference I had during the PE exam, however, I think the NCEES sample tests are more realistic.

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Structural References


Structural Steel Design

American Institute of Steel Construction.   AISC develops standards for the design of steel structures, publishes the Steel Construction Manual and certifies steel fabrication and erection firms.

Structural Stability Research Council.   SSRC (formerly the Column Research Council) investigates requirements for the stability of steel structures. Organizes the annual Stability Conference and publishes the Guide to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures.

Research Council on Structural Connections.   RCSC conducts research on structural connections. Developed the Guide to Design Criteria for Bolted and Riveted Joints and the Specification for Structural Joints Using ASTM A325 or ASTM A490 Bolts.

James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation.   Founded in 1936 to promote arc welding. Although historically related to the Lincoln Arc Welding Company, the Foundation is a non-profit organization publishing vendor-independent research and manuals on welding design - including the fabrication of complex and/or highly-restrained weldments. Technical papers are available for free download. Comprehensive design and reference manuals are available at nominal cost.

Steel Deck Institute.   Provides data on the design and construction of structural floors and roofs using cold-formed steel decking. Publishes manuals, handbooks, whitepapers, and position papers, on composite decks, form decks, cellular decks, and roof decks, and also diaphragm design.

Steel Joist Institute.   Develops standards and regulations for the open web steel joist industry. Publishes manuals and design guides including the Catalog of Standard Specifications and Load Tables..., also a CD-ROM of data on all open-web joists since 1927.

AIST.   Association of Iron & Steel Technology. Formed in 2004 when the Association of Iron & Steel Engineers (AISE) and the Iron & Steel Society merged. Many books and papers available from their Steel Library ( Much is related to metallurgy and steel manufacturing, rather than design and construction, but includes TR 13 Guide to the Design and Construction of Mill Buildings and other publications about overhead cranes.

STI/SPFA.   Steel Tank Institute / Steel Plate Fabrication Association. Develops standards and guidelines for the fabrication, erection, operation and maintenance of steel tanks and similar structures.

Reinforced Concrete Design

American Concrete Institute.   ACI develops standards for concrete design and construction including "ACI 318" (Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete) and for evaluating existing structures. Also publishes the multi-volume Manual of Concrete Practice.

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute.   CRSI publishes manuals on the fabrication, placement, and inspection of rebars. Also publishes design information and data on proprietary reinforcing systems that were used in old concrete buildings.

Portland Cement Association.   An organization of cement companies to improve and extend the uses of Portland cement and concrete through market development, engineering research, education and public affairs work. Publishes much useful data including Notes on ACI-318.

Post Tensioning Institute.   PTI publishes standards and recommended practices for post-tensioning systems and applications.

Wire Reinforcement Institute.   WRI publishes standards and recommended practices for structural welded-wire reinforcement (WWR) and related products for concrete reinforcement. Most publications are available as PDFs for free download.

Light Gauge Steel and Metal Building Systems

American Iron and Steel Institute.   Organization for the steel industry. AISI also develops design standards and manuals for light-gauge cold formed steel structures.

Metal Building Manufacturers Association.   MBMA is a trade organization for the metal building industry. Publishes design information in the Metal Building Systems Manual and the Metal Roofing Systems Design Manual.

Light Gauge Structural Institute.   LGSI is a nonprofit organization of member companies who manufacture light gauge cold formed sections. Publishes the Light Gauge Structural Steel Framing Systems Design Handbook.

Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures.   CCFSS is a research center at the Missouri University of Science & Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla). Good source of information and links to other organizations.

Cold-Formed Steel Council - part of SBCA (see below) - CFSC focuses on the design, erection, and bracing of light-gauge steel trusses and wall panels.

Structural Wood Design

The American Wood Council.   The AWC of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) publishes the National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction and related documents. These are the primary guides for the design and construction of wood structures.

APA.   The Engineered Wood Association (formerly the American Plywood Association) develops standards and guides for designing structures made of plywood and other engineered wood (OSB, LVL, glulam, etc.).

Engineered Wood Products Association (EWPA)   Trade association of manufacturers and distributors of dimension lumber, glulam, wood I-joists, structural composite lumber (LSL, LVL, PSL, OSB), trusses, wall and structural panels. Does not publish standards, but has links to many other associations. EWPA is different from APA/EWA (above) which publishes design standards.

American Institute of Timber Construction.   AITC is the trade association of the structural glued laminated (glulam) timber industry. It publishes the Timber Construction Manual which is the industry guide to designing heavy structures and trusses.

Western Wood Products Association.   Develops grading rules for softwood lumber from the western states. Provides strength values used in the NDS. Many publications available.

Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association.   Develops design guides for the use of wood I-joists in light construction.

Truss Plate Institute.   Develops design guides for manufacturing and installing light wood trusses assembled using metal plates.

Wood Truss Council of America (WTCA) - renamed in 2008 to the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) - provides information on lightweight wood trusses, wall panels and related components. SBCA also includes the Cold-Formed Steel Council (see above).

Simpson StrongTie.   Leading manufacturer of metal connector hardware for wood construction. Much design information is available.

USP Structural Connectors.   Manufacturer of metal hardware for wood construction. Much design information is available.

Structural Aluminum Design

The Aluminum Association.   Publishes the Aluminum Design Manual.

Masonry Design

The Masonry Society.   Joint publisher, with ASCE and ACI (see above), of the Building Code Requirements and Specifications for Masonry Structures. Also publishes the Masonry Designers Guide. Their Publication Store sells many useful related publications.

Masonry Standards Joint Committee (MSJC).   Part of the Masonry Society (above). Focus group for masonry design standards.

International Masonry Institute.   Trade association promoting quality masonry construction. Focus is on training masons/bricklayers but includes well-illustrated detailing information.

Mason Contractors Association of America.   Trade association of masonry contractors and suppliers. Holds the MCCA Convention at the annual World of Concrete conference. Extensive links page.

Brick Industry Association.   Formerly the Brick Institute of America. Trade association representing manufacturers and distributors of clay brick and related products. Publishes technical notes.

Ceramic Glazed Masonry Institute.   (not to be confused with CMGI) Trade association of glazed ceramic product manufacturers and distributors. Includes links to manufacturers, distributors, and other organizations.

National Brick Research Center.   A component of Clemson University. Conducts research on clay bricks and other ceramic materials.

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Seismic References


NEHRP.   The National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program. Federal government program of seismic design research. Incorporates research conducted by the Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC) of the National Institute for Building Science (NIBS) and/or the Applied Technology Council (ATC) of the Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC). NEHRP Provisions and Commentary and related documents form the basis of current seismic design codes.

SMACNA.   Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Manufacturers National Association - publications include: Seismic Restraint Manual: Guidelines for Mechanical Systems 3rd ed.

ASHRAE.   American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers. Primarily HVAC design, but publications include: R[esearch]P[roject]-812 Practical Guide to Seismic Restraint.

VISCMA.   Vibration Isolation & Seismic Control Manufacturers Association. FEMA funded research reports can be downloaded covering seismic restraints for mechanical, electrical, and duct/pipe.

CISCA.   Ceilings and Interior Systems Construction Association. Publications include data on retaining suspended ceiling tiles during earthquakes.

AAMA.   American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Publications include data on glass falling out of curtain walls.

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Mechanical References


HVAC Design & Industrial Steam Systems

HeatingHelp. Dan Holohan is the premier expert on steam heat. His website includes a forum for questions, a library of historical literature for free downloading, books for sale, and links to many vendor websites (the inspiration for this page of the GSC website). Dan is a very dynamic individual and his seminars are well worth attending.

Appropriate Designs. John Siegenthaler, P.E. is the leading expert on hydronic heating for residential and light commercial buildings. He also addresses solar and geothermal heatpump systems, and is an advocate of using variable speed pumping for energy efficiency. Excellent publications, software, and seminars available.

Spirax-Sarco. Vendor of steam auxiliary equipment for large industrial applications. Their free online "Steam Engineering Tutorials" are an education in the design of steam systems one of the most valuable resources on the net.

I=B=R The Institute for Boiler Radiation published performance ratings for boilers, radiation, etc., also design manuals and calculation sheets. I=B=R became the Hydronics Institute of GAMA (Gas Appliance Manufacturers Assoc.) which merged into AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) in 2008. Performance ratings are searchable online. GAMA and I=B=R ratings will be replaced with AHRI ratings by 2012. I=B=R publications are available (2010) from AHRI here.

Fluid Controls Institute.   FCI develops standards and guidelines for the design of flow control mechanisms.

Babcock & Wilcox is a major manufacturer of large industrial and power boilers. Their publication Steam / Its Generation and Use (first published in 1875, now in its 41st edition) is a recognized major reference on high-pressure steam technology, including steam from nuclear power.

Martin Engineering Company, Inc. Manufacturers' representative (Braintree, MA) for steam specialty products. Many useful links.

Watts Regulator. Leading manufacturer of water pressure reducing valves, backflow preventers, automatic control valves, vacuum breakers, and related equipment.

G&S Mechanical Services   Scott Meenen is an HVAC contractor in Maryland. Although focused primarily on the residential market his website contains much information on small systems and many useful links.

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association   Part of Oklahoma State University. Develops standards and manuals for ground-source heat pumps for heating, cooling, and hot water. Publishes manuals, including: Closed-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump Systems, Design and Installation Standards, Residential and Light-Commercial Design and Installation Manual, and the Soil and Rock Classification Field Manual.

HVAC Suppliers

Johnstone Supply   Industrial supplier (HVAC) with many local distribution centers.

Grainger Industrial supplier (of nearly everything) with many local distribution centers.

Boilers & Hydronic Accessories

Burnham Boilers. Manufacturer of oil/gas burners and steam/water boilers.

Weil-McLain. Manufacturer of commercial and residential boilers and related equipment.

Caleffi.  Callefi North America, Inc. subsidiary of the Italian Caleffi. Manufactures a range of innovative products for hydronic systems. Their idronics series of technical booklets provides extensive design tutorials.

Bell&Gossett. Manufacturer of pumps, circulators, and related equipment.

Hoffman Specialty. Manufacturer of steam traps, pressure regulators (steam), temperature regulators (steam/water), and related equipment.

McDonnell & Miller. Manufacturer of boiler controls, liquid level controls, and flow switches.

Armstrong International. Manufacturer of industrial systems for steam, compressed air, and hot water.

Bock Water Heaters. Manufacturer of commercial and residential water heaters. Line includes direct and indirect fired systems, solar and geothermal systems, and storage tanks.

Radiant Heating

Watts Radiant. A leading manufacturer and distributor of products for radiant heating and snowmelting.

Pneumatic & Hydraulic

Clippard Instrument Laboratories.  Manufactures an extremely broad range of valves, controls, cylinders, fittings, etc. for pneumatic control systems. This includes the Clippard Minimatic line of modular manifold-mounted miniature valves that provide boolean logic functions in addition to conventional control functions.

Emergency Power

Electrical Generating Systems Association.  Publishes Onsite Power - A Reference Book.

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Biotechnology and Laboratory References


Mechanical Systems

Air Systems Technologies Local (Avon, MA) firm covers the New England area. Provides: Test, certification, and repair of Biosafety cabinets, laminar flow benches, and chemical fume hoods. Construction and certification of clean rooms. Laboratory energy conservation projects. Ask for Jim Sigler.

Olympic Systems Stainless Steel Fabrication. Local (Winchester, MA) firm providing manufacturing, welding, passivation, and elctropolishing for all types of stainless steel components. Ask for Simon Bedigian.

Middlesex Gases Local (Everett, MA) firm providing a full range of industrial and speciality gases, from bulk industrial supplies to high-purity laboratory instrument gases. They also design and install storage and distribution systems. Ask for Mike Lee. Mike also writes columns for Specialty Gas Report and CryoGas International.

UltraFiltronics Local (Randolph, MA) firm providing a full range of pure water systems. They also design and install storage and distribution systems. Ask for Gene Dennen.

Environmental and Safety

Safety Partners Local firm (Lexington, MA) that provides resident Safety Officers to help small and start-up biotech firms meet health, safety, and regulatory requirements. Ask for Denise Aronson.

Clean Harbors Major industrial cleanup and environmental services firm. Local office in Andover, MA. Ask for Joe Elliot.


Cambridge Biostart An initiative of the Cambridge (MA) Chamber of Commerce. This website provides information on the regulations (biosafety, hazardous substances/waste, low flow discharge, industrial alcohol use, etc.) and permitting requirements (Federal, Massachusetts, and municipal) that apply to a biotech startup.


Hach Ultra Analytics Manufactures and sells MetOne air particle counters, HIAC liquid particle counters, Anatel TOC analyzers, Orbisphere dissolved oxygen and ozone analyzers. Ask for Wayne Gagne.

Clinical Services

eMedicus Local (Bedford, MA) commercial Institutional Review Board (IRB) that provides professional reviews of clinical and non-clinical research protocols.. Ask for Richard D'Augusta.

Laboratory Freezer Relocation

Tobin Scientific This service of Tobin & Sons Moving & Storage uses specialized trucks to transport laboratory refrigerators and freezers while keeping the equipment running and the contents at specified temperatures. The firm also handles general moving and storage. Local (Peabody, MA) firm. Ask for Richard Giordano.

A/E and Construction Firms (biotech-oriented)

Sci-Tech Builders Local (Cambridge, MA) full service construction management firm that specializes in technology centered projects within the life sciences, advanced manufacturing, mission critical, and co-generation market sectors.. Ask for Jim Grunwald.

Megerdichian Associates Local firm (Cambridge, MA) that provides existing condition surveys, as-built drawings, and CAD services to property owners, architects, and engineers. Ask for Robert Megerdichian.

Microscopy Techniques

Molecular Expressions Absolutely fantastic online tutorial hosted by Florida State University covering all aspects of optical microscopy.

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Electrical and Computer References


Electrical Connectors

Pasternack Enterprises Manufacturer of RF and microwave connectors, adapters, cables, and related components. Has adapters for almost any conceivable RF interconnection.

Wago Manufactures a very broad range of terminal blocks and interface connections.

Hubbell Manufactures a broad range of electrical installation products - from high-power connectors to explosion-proof switch boxes to data communication wiring.

Turck Manufactures device-level sensor and actuator interconnect and bus products. Also a very broad range of modular cordsets for automation.

AMP Manufactures a very broad range of electronic and printed circuit board connectors - both analog and digital. Now part of Tyco Electronics group.

Amphenol Manufactures RF/microwave coaxial connectors for military and commercial applications.

L-com Provides a broad range of data, video, voice, and coax connectors, mounting racks, tools and accessories.

Waytek Distributor of connectors and wiring - primarily automotive and/or low voltage.

Data and Communications Wiring

Black Box Distributor of data communications hardware. Extensive tutorial and reference information available.

Siemon Manufactures/distributes copper and fiber cabling solutions for telco and data communications.

Meters and Instruments

Spectrum Industries Provides panel and switchboard meters, instruments, controllers, instrument transformers, and related equipment.

Simpson Electric Provides panel and switchboard meters, instruments, controllers, instrument transformers, and related equipment. Also manufactures one of the classic lines of test and measurement instruments.

Tools and Test Equipment

Specialized Products Distributor of an extremely broad range of tools and test equipment. In some cases, the information about a product in the Specialized catalog exceeds that on the manufacturer's website.

Audiovisual Automation

Xantech Manufactures IR-based controls for audiovisual equipment.

Internet Registry and Lookup

ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) provides contact and registration information for IP addresses.

InterNIC Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers provides contact and registration information for domain names.

Image Compression

JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) official website for the ISO JPEG image compression standards.

Independent JPEG Group Informal group that writes and distributes a widely used free library of JPEG software.

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Building and Construction References



Metal Construction Association Organization of manufacturers and suppliers of metal products used in structures. Publishes guidelines on metal wall and roof panels, and a Primer on Diaphragm Design manual.

National Roofing Contractors Association is a trade association for contractors but also publishes design information including the Steep Slope Roof Systems, the Vegetative Roof Systems, the Guide to Roof Coatings, and the Energy-Efficient Roof Systems manuals.

RICOWI. Sponsors and publishes research on the effects of winds and hail on roofs.

Tile Roofing Institute. (formerly the National Tile Roofing Manufacturers Association) Trade industry association promoting the use of clay and concrete tiles vs. combustible materials. Publishes guides and recommended practices.

DASMA. Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association. Publishes info on structural resistance of doors (especially in hurricanes).

Signs and Equipment Marking

Signs On Site Local (Duxbury, MA) firm manufacturing and installing a modular system of interior building signage that include safety and hazard markers. Their signs are easily reconfigurable in the field. Ask for Jessica Erickson.

Seton Name Plate Supplies a full range of signage products, many varieties of asset tags, also a very broad range of pipe and equipment markers, both stock and custom.

Building Security

Surveillance Specialties Local (Wilmington, MA) firm supplying and installing a complete range of building security, access control, and surveillance systems. Ask for Mike DeVita.

Interior Furnishings

Brooks Interiors Local (Wilmington, MA) firm handles new and used interior furnishings and office divider systems. They can help furnish a new site or will buy existing furnishings. Ask for Denny Engstrom. A large collection of his sports memorabilia is displayed at their site.

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Miscellaneous References



Boston Groundwater Trust studies groundwater depletion in the City of Boston which affects the integrity of wooden piles under buildings and structures.

City of Boston Maps    Viewable and downloadable Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) maps.

NGS Survey Marker Locations

National Geodetic Survey   NGS (formerly the Coast & Geodetic Survey) online data. The "Data Sheets" link opens a search for survey marker datasheets. These give precise coordinates which can be used for surveying and GPS calibration.

GPS and Navigation

The Geographer's Craft by Peter H. Dana, University of Colorado at Boulder. Notes on GPS, map projections, geodetic datums, coordinate systems, and more. Good introduction.

GPS Information    Oriented primarily toward personal or recreational use, but links to many sites with useful information.

USNO GPS    U. S. Naval Observatory GPS Timing Operations. Technical details of the current GPS constellation. Part of USNO's Time Services Department.

NEC/PNT The National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) - formerly the IGEB. Coordinates government policy for GPS and related systems. Links to other agency sites.

Magellan GPS    Manufacturer of GPS receivers.

Hemisphere GPS (formerly Canadian Systems International / CSI Wireless). Manufacturer of precision commercial GPS technology, including the "MBX" family of differential beacon receivers.

NavTechGPS Distributor and developer of GPS / Galileo / GLONASS products and systems, GPS books, etc. ; also offers a broad range of GPS training courses at all levels

Celestaire Distributors of GPS navigation instruments, also sextants and other celestial navigation instruments.


Time and Calendars Information on calendar systems and dating systems. Mostly of historical interest.

Calendar Algorithms Date algorithms by Peter Baum of Aesir Research.

Heavens Above Time data, positions of astronomical objects, and solar positions.

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Miscellaneous Vendors


Company Anniversary Items

Fossler The Stephen Fossler Company in Crystal Lake, IL specializes in items for company anniversary promotions. They manufacture a series of decals for 5th/10th/15th/etc. anniversaries that can be customized with company name and affixed to correspondence or products. They also manufacture plaques and awards for similar anniversaries.

Archival Storage Supplies

Light Impressions Distributor of archival storage supplies.

Gaylord Distributor of archival storage supplies.

Hollinger Distributor of archival storage supplies. Developer and manufacturer of the 'Hollinger box'.

Bulbs / Lighting

Top Bulb Gray Supply (aka Top Bulb). Distributor of bulbs, including replacements for many scientific instruments.

Bulb Direct Distributor of bulbs, including replacements for many scientific instruments.


VisualHorizons / StoreSmart Distributor of packaging, storage, and display products. Their line of adhesive-backed clear plastic pockets (5000+ sizes, <1" to >14") hold labels or descriptions for anything from equipment and instruments to storage cabinets and file boxes. Because the plain-paper inserts can be readily inserted/removed, these pockets facilitate keeping the labels current.

United States Plastic Corp. Distributor of all types of plastics, from tubing and containers, to structural shapes and sheets.

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