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GSC Engineering, Inc.
Interdisciplinary Engineering & Troubleshooting since 1982
A Professional Engineering (P.E.) Practice since 2004

Orphan problems can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on your complex technical and construction projects.

These problems fall into the cracks between disciplines - they are "orphans" and often undetected or ignored until critical.

GSC diagnoses and fixes these interdisciplinary orphan problems.

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies frequently encounter such problems especially when building a new laboratory or facility or scaling up from the bench to a pilot plant or from pilot plant to production manufacturing. An entirely new class of problems can arise that are not really part of pharmaceuticals or construction. GSC has focused on pharmaceutical companies since the 1980s. We understand FDA/DMP/GLP regulations and culture. We also understand construction. We can make them mesh.

Other industries - power generation - transportation - instrumentation: medical, scientific, forensic - automated manufacturing and warehousing - computer manufacturing - and more - often encounter orphan problems and GSC has helped there also.

Showstopper problems - Orphan problems can be critical. It might be "inconvenient" if the air-conditioning in the office area is imbalanced, or email is slow. What about a brand new hospital operating suite where the corridors are too narrow and the gurneys can't get around the corners?

Interdisciplinary troubleshooting is NOT a team of people from different industries. Interdisciplinary means having an INDIVIDUAL with in-house experience in these various industries, who has experienced and solved these problems from the end user's perspective. This is what GSC provides.

GSC serves clients in Greater BOSTON and the rest of MASSACHUSETTS.

GSC provides LOCAL service (fast response) and FLEXIBLE service (no-obligation initial consultation)


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GSC has helped the following types of clients depending on the project:
  • Building Owners - as troubleshooter or sometimes as pre-planner. We are YOUR AGENT, like an architect or owners rep, but with the engineering expertise to solve unusual technical problems.

  • Construction Managers - as local technical advisor or support. Typically this type of client needs to concentrate on getting the project done on time and on budget, but may not have the resources or specialized expertise needed to resolve unusual technical problems.

  • Equipment Vendors - as local technical representative to their customers. Typically this type of client wants to deal with their own system, and knows that system, but may not have LOCAL resources to support the construction manager or building owner.

  • Automation Software Vendors - as interface advisor. Typically this type client is well versed in installing or customizing their system, but may not want to get into the weeds of the physical engineering of the controls, or may not have LOCAL resources for the task.

Types of Services

GSC provides the services of a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) to assist with regulated issues and building permits.

GSC serves clients doing something "new" ... with limited in-house experience.

GSC can help small or mid-size firms that may not have a large engineering group.

GSC can service a specific short term problem within your organization that you don't want to create a permanent role to handle.

GSC serves mostly industrial clients (we understand the level of performance you need.

GSC has served a wide range of industries and has learned from the experiences of those industries.

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